Xiamen famous enterprise style

Guanyu Technology: a leader in domestic flexible solar technology

Xiamen Guanyu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2004 as a private joint-stock company with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company has 135 employees, including half of the scientific research personnel. The company occupies an area of ​​20,000 square meters of industrial land and 10,000 square meters of industrial plants. Xiamen Guanyu specializes in flexible thin film amorphous silicon solar cells, building integrated photovoltaic system engineering, portable mobile power supplies, flexible solar LED street lights and other aspects. At present, it has flexible amorphous silicon solar cell packaging technology, solar cutting, electrode manufacturing technology, solar cell module production technology and application circuit development technology.

China's first flexible solar product

In May 2006, Xiamen Guanyu began to develop flexible amorphous silicon solar cell packaging technology using imported chips from the United States. It now has 2 invention patents and 15 new use patents. Guanyu Technology has the domestic first-class flexible film amorphous silicon solar cell organic packaging technology, nine structural layer lamination, heat sealing, solving many problems of solar cells. The flexible solar LED street lamp adopts the world's first integrated design and implements a comprehensive transformation of the street lamp. The single product has ten utility model patent products, and the overall technical content is high.

Xiamen Guanyu's flexible solar energy products are the first in China and have entered the domestic military application field. They have been recognized by the military and have undertaken a large number of orders to solve the military demand for mobile energy. At present, the production capacity of Guanyu Technology is mainly used. To meet military needs. At the same time, in the civilian market, portable solar hand chargers, solar-powered street lamps, PV-LED home solar photovoltaic systems have been developed, and the market response is enthusiastic. In addition, in the international market, consumer mobile power supplies are supplied to the European and American markets.

Annual production of 5MW flexible amorphous silicon solar cells

Xiamen Guanyu currently has 9 amorphous silicon solar energy production lines, plus an electronic assembly line, which can produce flexible amorphous silicon solar cells up to 5MW per year.

Flexible amorphous silicon solar cells are amorphous silicon solar cells with a flexible material (such as stainless steel, polymer) as the underlying structure, and the biggest features are light, thin and curlable. Xiamen Guanyu is one of the few manufacturers of flexible substrate solar cells and application products in China.

The advantages of flexible amorphous silicon solar cells are light weight, flexibility, low temperature impact, durability, shading, and no glass. Garden lights and landscape lights made by using such flexible solar cells have the following advantages: beautiful appearance, good uniformity, high durability, strong and weak optical advantages, no heat island effect, intelligent control, and the like. Compared with traditional mains garden lights, solar garden lights have the advantages of convenient installation, no electricity, no safety hazards and high life.

Xiamen Topstar: China's green lighting brand marketing the world

Xiamen Tongshida Lighting Co., Ltd. is a state-owned holding company jointly invested by Xiamen Tongshida Co., Ltd. and American GE Company. It specializes in the research, development and manufacture of electronic energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, phosphors, lighting lamps and new LED light source products. “National Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Unit”, “100 Key Enterprises in Fujian Province” and “Key Industrial Enterprises in Xiamen”. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 three international management system certifications, and the products have won the title of “China Famous Brand Product” and “National Inspection-Free Product”. Currently, the products are sold all over the world.

Based on the Tongshida Group, Tongshida Lighting has rich production experience and strong technical force. It has a national technical center and a national laboratory. In addition to Xiamen Tongshida Lighting Co., Ltd., Tongshida also has Xiamen Tongshida New Light Source Co., Ltd., Xiamen Tongshida New Material Co., Ltd., Xiamen Tongshida New Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Tongshida Marketing Co., Ltd. .

Establish a green lighting brand in the world

Xiamen Tongshida Lighting Co., Ltd. has rich production experience and strong technical force. It has a provincial-level technical center, adopts CAD to assist product design, actively promotes GE-6σ (modern management method), and has a group of independent research and development. Technical facilities and scientific and technological talents of advanced lighting products. The company has advanced process equipment and reliable product quality. The products have passed the China Great Wall Certification, European Community CE, LVD, EMC, US UL, FCC, ENERGY STAR, Canadian CUL, CSA, German GS, Japanese PSE, Dutch KEMA, Australian RCM, Asia-Pacific ECL, Poland B, Brazil UC, PROCEL and other authorities certification. The leading products include ten series of electronic energy-saving lamps, more than 100 varieties: U-shaped ordinary, spiral, soft-light cover type, intelligent dimming type, mini type, PL plug-in tube, 6-12V DC lamp, Ring lights, electronic ballasts, lamps. Marketing in Europe, South, North America, Australia, South Africa and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, successfully established a well-known brand of green lighting in China.

Want to build the world's largest energy-saving light source manufacturing base

Tongshida is committed to the path of intensive, professional and international development, to build China's largest and world-famous energy-saving light source manufacturing base integrating R&D, production and support, and finally to make "Xiamen Light, illuminate the world." "The household name is a vision.

Tongshida covers more than 500,000 square meters of Tongshida energy-saving light source manufacturing base in Xiamen East China Sea City. It is one of the leading industrial projects in the renovation project of Xiamen Ring East Sea Area. It is nearly 1.8 billion invested by Xiamen Light Industry Group. Yuan and the United States General Electric (GE) joint venture with the T5 energy-saving straight tube fluorescent lamp project as the leader, is committed to building the world's largest integrated production and supporting energy-saving light source manufacturing base.

Dajing Optoelectronics - "Optostar" on the cloud

Fujian Dajing Photoelectric Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. The company is located in Xiashu Industrial Zone, Yunling County, Yunxiao County, Fujian Province. It is a high-tech-led high-tech joint venture between business people and colleges and universities in Yunxiao County, Fujian Province. Enterprise, registered capital of 50 million yuan.

In the past two years, the company has developed rapidly, and has successively developed and produced outdoor lighting high-power LED street lights, tunnel lights, flood lights, and commercial lighting LED downlights, fluorescent lamps, table lamps and other products. Dajing Optoelectronics has always focused on the two major lighting fields of municipal and commercial markets. The products are widely used in road lighting, home lighting, nightscape engineering and other fields in large and medium-sized cities. The products have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and won the title of China Famous Brand. They have been awarded the priority of the Fujian Provincial Government to purchase energy-saving products. At the same time, the company has also been listed in the Fujian Provincial Government A-control equipment supplier list. With the continuous improvement of technology and the development of diversified products, the company's annual sales in 2009 was nearly 9 million yuan, an increase of 61.2% over 2008.

Pay attention to R&D and innovation and obtain a number of patent technologies

Fujian Dajing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has a first-class R&D laboratory and a strong R&D team. Mainly engaged in indoor LED lighting and control systems, lighting and green energy research and development, manufacturing, sales and service and LED lighting landscape engineering, street lighting projects and other lighting products. The company has a number of national patent technology ownership, and has independent intellectual property rights products, such as the national "LED lighting" patent technology (patent number: ZL 200520053792.5) and "lighting insecticidal street lamp" patent technology (patent number :ZL 200620016339.1) and many other patented technologies. Products are widely used in buildings, bridges, roads, landscapes, commercial spaces and indoors. This product has the characteristics of high energy saving, long life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation, good heat dissipation, and environmental protection. The technical performance of this product is currently at the domestic and international leading level.

In August 2009, he applied to the State Intellectual Property Office for ten patents, such as a circuit board that is conducive to heat dissipation of LED lamps, and a kind of LED steady current drive circuit, and all of them have obtained notifications for acceptance of patent applications.

LED Tunnel Light Supplier for Fujian Pantuoling Tunnel Lighting Reconstruction Project

In August 2008, Dajing Optoelectronics established a research and development team to introduce high-end testing and production equipment. It took nearly one and a half years to integrate various lighting factors such as lighting requirements and application environment in the tunnel, according to the tunnel lighting time and power consumption. Large, inconvenient maintenance and many other characteristics, targeted development of LED tunnel lighting products to replace traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. The product is nearly 70% more energy efficient than traditional light sources, and has the advantages of high color rendering, long life, high luminous efficiency and strong seismic resistance. The Pantuoling Tunnel Lighting Reconstruction Project is the first procurement of LED tunnel lights in the form of public bidding in Fujian Province. This is a rare opportunity for the LED manufacturers in the province to show their technological strength. We have won the recognition of the owner with the technical advantage of the whole lighting efficiency up to 85LM/W, power factor greater than 0.95, 5000 hours light decay less than 5%, and successfully obtained the qualification of the LED tunnel light supplier of the project. After the completion of the project, repeated tests and comparisons by professional test instruments, all indicators exceeded the requirements of the bidding documents. The lighting effect of the entire tunnel has been recognized and praised by the owners and representatives of many parties. The achievements made this time are an important turning point for the development of Dajing Optoelectronics.

With the continuous improvement of international LED technology, Dajing Optoelectronics has seen the high growth of the LED lighting industry more clearly. They are committed to advancing the transformation of human energy structure, guided by advanced project solutions, and backed by strong technical strength. Dajing Optoelectronics firmly believes that the development of LED lighting industry will bring more and more surprises to them.

Cinda Optoelectronics: Opening the Light of the Future

Xiamen Xinda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2007 with a registered capital of RMB 200 million. It was established by Xiamen Xinda Co., Ltd. (000701) and Xiamen Langxing Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Sanan Group).

The company is headquartered in Xiamen National Semiconductor Lighting Industrialization Base - Cinda Optoelectronics Building, with more than 40,000 square meters of modern clean industrial plants. Cinda Optoelectronics is based in Xiamen and has two product divisions: R&D Center (LED Packaging Products Division, LED Application Products Division, R&D team with first-class technology level and advanced optical inspection equipment R&D center, and in Beijing There are offices in Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an and other cities, and 7 support service centers.

Complete LED products provide solutions for multiple lighting projects in Fujian

Cinda Optoelectronics is mainly engaged in LED packaging business. The company produces a full range of direct-inserted LEDs, SMD LEDs, high-power white LEDs, LED road lighting, LED tunnel lighting, LED indoor lighting, LED display and other products. The main products include:

1. Various specifications of ultra-high brightness full-color light-emitting diodes (LEDs);

2, multi-functional combination traffic lights, solar traffic lights;

3, LED indoor and outdoor intelligent monochrome, dual primary color, full color display;

4, LED lighting lighting products;

5, high-power high-brightness LED and its application products.

Its products have quickly occupied the domestic and international markets, the company's LED products are exported to many countries and regions, such as: the United States, Sweden, South Korea, India and so on. In 2005 alone, the company completed a series of major achievements:

Xiamen Hexiang West Road display project;

Las Vegas display;

Xiamen Gulangyu Scenic Spot Display Screen (outdoor screen);

Xiamen Zhongshan Road display screen (outdoor screen);

The stage of the Xiamen Oriental Mingdian Hotel is movable and switchable indoor display;

Xiamen Huatian Building display screen (outdoor screen);

Many LED traffic light projects in Fuzhou and Xiamen;

Xiamen 2006 Spring Festival LED Night Scene Project.

In December 2009, Cinda Optoelectronics produced LED tunnel lamps, after a series of rigorous tests, with its high-quality lighting effects and reliable quality, successfully entered the Fujian Province real estate control list, and won the bid for Fujian Changle Changle Airport Expressway Road LED tunnel light project.

Complete and advanced production inspection technology

Cinda Optoelectronics implements ISO9001:2000 management, has the most advanced semiconductor light-emitting diodes and its application products, fully automatic production equipment, testing equipment, first-class technical level R & D team and efficient management team, and has a postdoctoral workstation.

From semiconductor light-emitting diodes to their applications, the company has a complete set of fully automated production equipment and testing equipment, strictly implementing ISO management. Purify the LED packaging workshop and application product production line, each process is strictly controlled to ensure the quality of the product. From material inspection, to process inspection, to finished product inspection and pre-shipment inspection, they are carefully operated according to the established specifications and strictly controlled.

Company Culture

Quality is the life of the company. Based on abundant human resources and advanced equipment, we are constantly pursuing technological innovation, realistic enterprise spirit and sincere customer service. We strive to be better, keep improving, and strive for excellence. The world's leading optoelectronic high-tech enterprise.

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