"Wu Wang Battle" deep fermentation of the NVC brand loss or greater than expected

[Text|Senior reporter Luo Shenghua] Three days after the NVC lighting headquarters "Wudou" occurred, NVC lighting founder Wu Changjiang was lifted again and again.

On the afternoon of August 11th, Wu Changjiang and Wang Donglei held press conferences in Chongqing and Beijing respectively to count the other parties' "crimes" and accused each other of hollowing out the company.

Wu Changjiang’s press conference in Chongqing started around 3 pm, and Wang Donglei’s press conference in Beijing was scheduled to start at 4 o'clock, but it was nearly 20 minutes late. The insiders analyzed that the move was mainly aimed at Chongqing. s meeting.

At the press conference, Wu Changjiang explained the original intention of the introduction of Dehao Runda and made detailed disclosures and explanations on the "hit" and the company's violations. Wu Changjiang said that the board of directors has replaced the directors and legal persons of the second-level company. The bottom line.

And Wang Donglei not only announced the Wu Changjiang gambling debt recording at the press conference and detailed Wu Changjiang’s “Four Major Crimes”: not accepting the resolution of the board of directors and setting up a series of obstacles, causing the Wanzhou factory to fail to start construction; expanding the related party transactions to touch the company’s bottom line; illegal The preparation of the distributor's major alliance harms the company's interests; the private owes a large amount of gambling debts.

"Two tigers fight" brand damage Taking a few days ago has been fighting violent conflict is a foregone conclusion <br> <br> sides of the "militant fight" into a "culture struggle" for the industry, "NVC storm" of Attention is also continuing to ferment. In this regard, "High-tech LED reporter" repeatedly called the responsible person of NVC lighting and local operation centers, dealers, and still get the "no comment" answer.

"Before some people said that Wu Changjiang hand in hand Dehao Runda is 'leading the wolf into the room', but there are still many people who are optimistic about their cooperation, although they know that they may collaborate, but they did not expect to be so ugly, can only say ten thousand I didn't think of it." A lighting integrated operator in Hubei turned to Gaogong LED.

After last week's "hit" storm, Wu Wang and the two each held a word, which also added a layer of laughter to the funny "NVC storm." Not to mention whether it is wrong or not in this incident, but the industry generally believes that the "NVC incident" itself will be invaluable to the NVC brand.

"I think this is a vicious incident of 'two tigers hurting each other'. It is very unfavorable for both Wu Changjiang and Wang Donglei." The above operators told reporters that in the process of capital operation, although investors and founders Contradictions are always difficult to reconcile, but there are still many ways to solve them within the scope of jurisprudence, and Wu Wang has chosen the most "stupid" way, and the behavior of the two is more harmful to the brand than to the personal image.

As the above operators said, before this, NVC lighting has spared no effort in brand building. From the continuous construction of 37 operation centers to advertising investment across various fields, and even the establishment of the previous "Champion Alliance", NVC Lighting is at the forefront of the industry in building brand influence.

NVC lighting has indeed established its inherent “river status” in the domestic market. In the ranking of the three traditional giants of domestic lighting, NVC Lighting is in front of Opus and Sanxiong Aurora with its channel advantages and brand influence.

However, this is only the inherent advantage of NVC lighting in the traditional lighting era. However, under the background of traditional energy-saving lamps transforming LEDs, compared with many traditional lighting companies, NVC lighting is accepted in the market in terms of transformation speed. There is no outstanding performance on the degree.

In the proportion of LED lighting revenue and business revenue in 2013, NVC Lighting's revenue from LED was 830 million yuan, accounting for 21.4% of all lighting business. The proportion of LEDs is significantly lower than that of the major competitors in the country.

Taking Sunlight, Sanxiong and Aurora as examples, the LED lighting business revenue and revenue ratio of the two are 970 million yuan, 29.9%, and 8.1 billion yuan, 30.7%, respectively. The LED performance growth rate is much higher than NVC lighting.

"In the current situation of the LED lighting industry is not fixed, any lighting companies have the opportunity to come to the future." A lighting brand in Shenzhen, the general representative of the high-tech reporter stressed.

In fact, with the increase in LED penetration rate, 2014 was considered by many lighting companies to be the most crucial year for determining the future market structure. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED, made it clear at the beginning of this year that 2014 is the first year of LED home lighting in China, and it is also the channel of lighting deepening. For enterprises, the influence of brand in the terminal market and the promotion speed and speed of the channel are all It is important.

In addition to traditional competitors such as Op, Sanxiong, Aurora and Sunshine, Mulinsen is a typical representative of the emerging LED lighting companies in China, and it is also eyeing the future lighting market. Under the strong ambition of Mu Linsen's “Billion Plan”, NVC lighting is not a big pressure.

In addition, foreign companies such as Philips, Osram, Panasonic, and Samsung have not given up the Chinese market. The existence of these enterprises will also add an uncertain factor to the formation of the domestic lighting market.

In the case that the market competition prospects are still unclear, NVC Lighting's internal negative news can be imagined for the damage of its own brand.

<br> <br> undecided dealer system to remove the influence of the brand, in terms of building channels, channels and engineering NVC in a small part of the home lighting market advantage.

When the reporter called the dealership of NVC, it was found that most of the dealers were on the sidelines. Although the official NVC company has not yet put forward detailed requirements on the dealer level, but the comprehensive parties judged that the incident will inevitably have a certain impact on its original dealer system.

"Resellers are profitable. At present, there are so many domestic brands. Under this circumstance, dealers are likely to give up NVC directly." The general representative of the above brands told reporters.

In fact, compared with other brands, NVC Lighting has been stricter in its control over its dealers. Before this incident, the reporter had called Lai Innovation, the general manager of NVC Lighting Shenzhen Operation Center. Lai Innovation clearly told reporters that NVC has strict requirements for the decoration styles of its agents from agent brands to storefronts.

However, NVC Lighting's strict control over its agents did not bring more positive effects, but caused some dealers to gradually flee. "As far as I know, the 3rd and 4th line brands directly sink to the NVC dealership store. In the face, this phenomenon is very common. After all, NVC's product price is too high, and NVC itself has higher requirements for the sales tasks of its dealers. In this process, if other companies can give dealers certain preferential conditions. It will definitely attract their attention." A person in charge of a lighting company in Shenzhen told reporters.

As we all know, the distribution system featuring the operation center has always been a major feature of NVC lighting. After Wu Changjiang was dismissed, NVC Lighting issued a statement saying that more than 80% of operators have announced their support for the board resolution, which seems to reflect the attitude of regional distributors to the company headquarters to a certain extent.

However, in addition to these 37 exclusive regional agents, NVC Lighting has more than 3,000 specialty stores nationwide and more than 5,000 effective outlets. The future direction of these subordinate dealers is still an unknown factor.

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