Whale join hands with Manchester City, Fun VR Black Technology

In 2016, a lively year for sports events. On May 8th in the English Premier League, Manchester City scored 2-2 against Arsenal. In the course of this event, the focus that attracted the attention of the audience was: “Micro whale” strikes the Etihad Stadium. The move of the micro-whale seems to enlarge the rhythm of the strokes!

Microwhale Manchester City cross-border CP "play" new strategy

Prior to this, the choice of the micro-whale for Manchester City (Manchester City Football Club) as an official partner was largely due to the same temperament of Manchester City and the Little Whale. Manchester City, as the Premier League Champion, has a tendency to challenge, which will be a hurricane that swept Manchester United, Real Madrid and other giants. In this game, the coaches Guardiola, who was expected by the fans, joined the team, leaving the city unstoppable.

Like the Manchester City, the Little Whale is also a rising challenger to the rising star. The unique atmosphere of “Media + Technology” makes it unique. This time with Manchester City will carry out a comprehensive depth of cooperation in various fields, focusing on video content.

In July this year, Manchester City will go to China to participate in the International Champions Cup. By then, not only Manchester City will present the micro whale's smart technology with exclusive 4K high-definition content (fans can enjoy their eyes happily ~~); against Manchester United and Dortmund, the Manchester City jersey will reveal the "micro whale" logo. The influence of micro-whale TV in the field of sports is really leverage. At the same time, the micro-whales have also contributed to the current Chinese tour of Manchester City. Fans will be able to enjoy the pinnacle of football at home.

No wonder City Football Group CEO Ferran Soriano is very satisfied with the foot micro whale: “It is a great honor for micro whale to become our partner in China, which also reflects our long-term commitment and image of the Chinese market. The micro whale is an excellent home entertainment. The brand is committed to providing Chinese families with the ultimate experience and quality, and we are confident that we can enhance the football experience of Chinese city fans through the use of micro whale. We are also looking forward to working with micro whale in the next few years, including the team’s China row."

Urban Football Group CEO Ferran Soriano and Li Huaiyu

Front high energy small whale TV 55 inch PRO for fans

How about the micro-whale smart TV's word of mouth? Lynx is the witness! Last year double-eleven, the 55-inch TV of the micro-whale ranked first in the 55-inch sales of Tmall. In March of this year, the 55-inch PRO typhoon screen of the microwhale struck again, triggering a boom again.

This 55-inch PRO, which has been hailed by fans as a "watching artifact," is not only high-value, but also powerful. PRO smart TV uses LG original RGB 4K IPS hard screen. Designed specifically for fans and game enthusiasts, it launched the “Rui Li De” technology, which eliminates the image smearing caused by high-speed motion. This high-energy technology allows fans to no longer miss the wonderful moments of passing, passing, shooting, etc. (it really is a high energy technology that cools the sky).

At the same time, micro whale alliance with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), rooted in cutting-edge technology exploration; the other hand, relying on Chinese culture, Tencent, Ali's strong resources in the content end strong lineup. The micro-whale not only has the strongest film library in the variety and film industry; it also has first-hand information on sports.

The micro-whales have acquired the rights of live broadcast of the China National Team, China College Student Football League, World Cup and China Super League. As a big-screen "content king", micro-whale TV is actively laying out the trump card events in the sports field and using the trump experience to achieve " Occupy the living room plan."

TV-introduction micro whale reproduces VR black technology

Bringing a special helmet, the fans can be "immersive" standing on the football pitch of the Premier League. This may seem like an incredible scene, but it is achieved with the help of "virtual reality (VR)" technology.

The micro-whale, which has only entered the smart TV for less than a year, has led a strategic partner to “travel” to reproduce black technology to VR. There is no doubt that VR represents the future of smart TV. If VR is brought into the living room, the future will not only be able to “visit” the game site, but also allow the family to swim in the infinitely possible virtual world. This will greatly enrich the entertainment life of the living room.

On April 11th, in the warm-up match between the China and Costa Rica women’s football teams, the micro whale officially opened the era of VR. In June, the microwhales will be VR live for the Chinese team. This will be a great news for the fans (fans will have to turn over).

Open the VR Age of Human Life

From the Little Whale TV to Manchester City, the 55-inch PRO watch artifact, VR and other actions, we can snoop to the micro whale TV to open the new "visual" world of ambition.

It has to be said that the micro-whale, a smart TV brand that pays tribute to the new culture, is more representative of the future of home entertainment than the split-TV and song screens. Smart TVs will become the carrier of VR devices to provide users with avant-garde fashion. content. We also look forward to leading VR to the family, incorporating new cultures and lifestyles, and changing people’s lifestyle habits. Micro whale and VR are gradually surfacing. This unknown game has begun to show the strong layout ability of the micro whale. We also look forward to what the micro whale will provide us in the future.

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