The deputy secretary-general of the alliance, Yan Jun, led a research group to investigate the new force source

At 3 o'clock on the afternoon of July 28, the deputy secretary-general of the National Semiconductor Industry Alliance, Jun Jun led a team of experts to hold a meeting with the leaders of Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau and entrepreneurs of Chengdu Semiconductor Industry Alliance in the conference room of Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau. Hu Weidong, Chairman of the Semiconductor Industry Alliance and Zhang Ming, Chairman of Xinli Light Source attended the forum.

After listening to the report of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Municipal Metrology and Testing Institute on the pilot work of the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities” semiconductor lighting application project in Chengdu, the Secretary General of the National Semiconductor Industry Alliance, Deputy Secretary of the National Military Industry Alliance, “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities” in Chengdu The achievements of the pilot project expressed affirmation and appreciation, and made in-depth analysis on the status quo and trends of the semiconductor industry. Deputy Secretary-General pointed out that the revolution in semiconductor lighting applications and service models will bring huge challenges and business opportunities to semiconductor lighting companies. As the market segments mature, the era of semiconductor lighting replacing traditional lighting will soon come. During the next 12th Five-Year Plan, the national industrial policy will be gradually implemented, and the support for the semiconductor industry will be even greater. China will produce 3-5 billion-dollar application companies, which will keep pace with the world's lighting giants. It is hoped that Chengdu Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd., such as Xinli Light Source, will seize this great development opportunity and become bigger and stronger.


Representatives of Xinli Light Source, Reant, Yuanli Optoelectronics and other companies shared their experiences in technological innovation and market development, and expressed their confidence in the future development of the semiconductor industry.

Subsequently, the expert delegation visited the Chengdu Metro LED application project implemented by Xinli Light Source. At 8 o'clock in the evening, the relevant leaders of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Municipal Industry Alliance accompanied the deputy secretary-general of the Army to visit the Dongcheng Root Street LED streetlight demonstration project.


On the morning of July 29th, the expert delegation went to Dujiangyan to investigate the application of LED lamps in post-disaster reconstruction, and affirmed the LED application of Dujiangyan reconstruction.

At 2 pm, the deputy secretary-general of the army led a team of experts to the headquarters of Xinli Light Source for investigation and investigation. Deputy Secretary-General and experts of the Army expressed their appreciation for the achievements made by Xinli Light Source in improving its core competitiveness in recent years and its contribution to the semiconductor industry. Experts were extremely excited when they learned that Xinli Light Source has taken three national and international patents for the AC LEDs with the new generation of LED rare earth phosphors as the core and independently developed. At the end of the survey, Deputy Secretary-General Qi Jun encouraged Xinli Light Source to continue to innovate and become a leading LED leader.

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