Ten Cities in the Mainland, Wanhao LED Street Light Pusher Xie Ji Visited Taiwan

In 2009, the ten-city 10,000-inch LED streetlight business opportunity in the mainland was hot, but in the end it became a big wind and a small rain, which made the industry's attitude conservative. However, the Director of the China Development and Reform Commission, Xie Ji, led the mainland Ministry of Science and Technology on April 23. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Construction officials and other ten-city planning team came to visit Taiwan, which caused the market to pay attention again. It is reported that this trip will negotiate with the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs on cross-strait LED street lamp cooperation, and visit LED epitaxial / grain large crystal power, LED packaging manufacturers such as Optics and Everlight Electronics.

It is pointed out that Xie is an important person in charge of the ten cities in mainland China. The visiting units in Taiwan also include the Electric Power Association and the Semiconductor Industry Association. Jingdian, Lite-On and Everlight are also on the list, National Semiconductor Engineering. Wu Ling, Secretary-General of the Industry Alliance, will also arrive in Taiwan together for a total of five days. Officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that the two sides have been negotiating the cooperation mode of LED lighting for cross-strait LED lighting since mid-2009. It is hoped that Taiwanese manufacturers will be responsible for the LED module modules of the upper and middle reaches. The mainland is the assembly of downstream LED lamps. If a LED street lamp sells NT$20,000, 100,000 lamps will total 2 billion yuan.

The market regulator estimates that the global lighting market will reach $117.8 billion in 2012. Since the mainland government has listed the LED lighting industry as an important strategic industry in recent years, the target has reached RMB 500 billion (about NT$ 2.3 trillion) in 2015. The main implementation cities of the mainland ten cities are Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. , Xiamen, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Qingdao, etc.

Zhang Shixian, deputy general manager of Jingdian, said that the mainland delegation will visit Jingdian on the 27th to understand the progress of the development of crystal power in the mainland.

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