Solar energy as a new trend for street lighting will become a new trend

Although street lighting is convenient to the public, it is also very power-hungry. Can we use solar energy as a new streetlight for street lighting? Today, Luo Weidong, deputy director of the Jinan Municipal Public Utilities Bureau, said that solar street lighting technology still needs to be improved, but solar lighting will eventually become a new trend. In addition, Jinan City will build a street lamp maintenance center in the east and west to facilitate the formation of a rapid response mechanism for street lamps.
Mr. Liu, a citizen of Jinan, went to Shanghe for the past two days and found that the streetlight used on the 248 provincial highway was a solar street light. "With solar street lights, I feel very energy-efficient. I don't know if the street lights in Jinan can install solar energy?" Mr. Liu called the newspaper and said his thoughts.
Luo Weidong said that there are currently no solar street lights in Jinan. "There are batteries in this kind of street lamp, which converts light energy into electric energy. Although it is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving, this kind of battery has a certain life and a high price." Luo Weidong said, and the current solar street lighting technology is still not perfect. Solar street lights can be temporarily used where power is not radiated. It is still unrealistic to use solar street lights in large areas in urban areas. “Despite the imperfect technology, solar street lights are definitely a new trend in the future of street lighting, which will become more and more popular with urban development.”

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