【Multiple pictures】 Changhong 55Q2C TV evaluation review

< div align="left"> With the continuous development of smart TV technology, modularity has become one of the most popular television technologies. Of the several modular TVs in the market, Changhong is a very special one.

The biggest feature of this TV is the addition of modular technology. The CHiQ 55Q2C uses a M+ dual-core design with up to 20 cores. Therefore, the operating speed is absolutely unacceptable. At the same time, the module has an embedded upgrade program that can maintain the hardware level. In the most advanced case of the season, so that the hardware will not fall behind, CHiQ's market positioning is a combination of smart and high-end, so this TV has the most popular features.

Gradient breathing light PI, using advanced vacuum plating and laser engraving technology, using software control to make "CHiQ" logo a comfortable breathing light effect. Highlight one shape and show perfect lines.

The hardware can be upgraded: The new generation of high-performance chips, TVs can be upgraded, configuration will never be out of date. TV reserved hardware upgrade interface, users can choose to perform hardware upgrades, without the need to replace the more expensive LCD screen.

Rich interface configuration, the back of the Changhong 65Q2C is equipped with a network, component YPbPr, AV, VGA and TV antenna interfaces on the back, and interfaces such as USB2.0, USB3.0, HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, SD, and CA/CI are provided on the side.

Numerous interfaces can meet the needs of users watching TV, surfing the Internet, watching high-definition movies, and enjoying music. HDMI 2.0 can better support 4K@50/60Hz video transmission.

Equipped with MTK's latest-generation movement, the latest image quality enhancement engine can effectively enhance image processing speed, improve 4K video effects, and fully satisfy users' demands for ultra-high definition video.

Local dimming (area backlight control technology) can be used to intelligently perceive all colors and brightness of the TV screen and optimize the processing, especially black and white, making black more squat, white more pure, improve image contrast, layering and transparency, Make the picture color more natural and true; the non-luminous area automatically turns off the backlight, making the whole machine more energy-efficient.

Using the high-frequency motion compensation technology (MEMC) in 4K resolution can effectively eliminate the jitter and tailing caused by high-definition resolution image motion, enhance image smoothness and stability, and achieve 4K-level without smearing.

The brand-new design concept of the hovering main scene comes from the inspiration of the jigsaw puzzle. The page can be freely changed and the interface is fashionable. The visual effects are great and the color is also very dazzling! Take a look at the actual renderings of the floating main scene.

The restrictions on television content and applications are not as rich as those of the mobile terminal. Multi-screen synchronization technology can allow the TV-end and mobile-end content applications to communicate with each other. At the same time, they can combine the advantages of both in viewing mode and control. Mobile phones are televisions, televisions are mobile phones, and multiple screens are combined.

Many features make it very good compared to the same type of product in the industry. So what kind of surprise will it bring us in terms of performance? Xiaobian will be presented to everyone in the subsequent evaluation.

Specific features of Grille Curtain LED display

What is grille curtain LED  Display Screen? grille curtain LED Display screen is made up of several pieces single led strip. It is a Led screen which looks like a grille and now become more and more popular among the LED industry. It can be called like strip Led screen. Since it shows us a hollowed-out , meshy visual effect, so Led Display experts also call it mesh LED screen. This type of Outdoor Led screen mainly apply for wall of outdoor, glass wall, top of buildings, Column ads and led Curtain and so on.

Cross-time design of grille curtain LED breaks the limitation of traditional LED display for buildings and walls, makes the assembly project easier and selective. Maybe that is the reason why it can be used widely among all the field. Now let`s CATA editor introduce some technical advantage and how it makes the led screen project easier.

Grille curtain LED Screen technical feature❶  Light weight and anti-wind

Grille curtain LED Screen technical feature❷  High energy efficiency and low consumption

Grille curtain LED Screen technical feature❸  High integrate design

Grille curtain LED Screen technical feature❹  IP67 protection level

Grille curtain LED Screen technical feature❺  easy assembly and maintenance

Outdoor LED Curtain Display

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