Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Launches LED Light Plant Factory

In April of this year, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation of Japan launched a “plant factory” that was transformed with a large container. It is understood that this "plant factory" is equipped with a hybrid power supply of solar panels and lithium batteries in the upper part of the container. Water treatment equipment is installed indoors to save water by recycling. The LED light equipment promotes photosynthesis of crops, and the hydroponic cultivation system is responsible for placing the most suitable liquid fertilizer. The insulation material installed on the container wall makes the external temperature not affect the indoor change, and can control the energy consumption and accurately adjust the optimum temperature for plant growth.

Such a container with an area of ​​about 30 square meters can produce about 18,000 lettuce and small pineapple in one year, which is high-yield. The biggest advantage of this kind of "plant factory" is that it is not affected by the regional environment. Whether it is a cold zone or a waterless desert, it can achieve stable production and high yield, and preserve the seed.

In order to meet the needs of the new plant factory, Showa Denko has developed LED products for the “plant factory”, which can emit red light of a specific wavelength that promotes the growth of crops. It has been adopted by more than ten plant factories in Japan and sold in 2010. The amount is expected to reach 1 billion yen.

At a recent food exhibition, the author saw the "plant factory" of Dacheng Construction Company. The shelf of one person is divided into four layers. Each floor is planted with green lettuce. It is cultivated with nutrient solution. Each layer is illuminated by LED bulbs. The advantage is that it can be multi-layered in a small space, day and night lighting, controllable Temperature, speed up photosynthesis, vegetable growth cycle is fast, the same area of ​​production is of course many times higher than the average agricultural land cultivation, placed in the city hotel interior, can provide customers with the freshest vegetables at any time, at the same time, full of green, also make The guests were very comfortable.

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