Huawei Yue box watch how to broadcast, crack Raiders

Now all major operators have launched their own IPTV services, but the use of the box is a custom version, such as Huawei Wyatt EC6108V9A and EC6108V8U is a more common model. The performance of IPTV viewing based on FTTH multicast is very good, because the upload and download of multicast ports are unlimited, so the live broadcast and switching speeds are all in seconds, and Catton is not detected at all. But if you want to install other applications to watch on-demand, sorry, no.

After viewing the system version of Wyatt Box, I found that it is using Android 4.4.2 system, Rockchip micro-platform, that is to say, should be able to crack the system limits, to achieve the purpose of self-installed applications. Doing it and doing it, searching the Internet for relevant information and discovering that someone really succeeded, then step by step, I don't know if the system version of the box is different. Anyway, I found out about this Huawei Box EC6108V9A. The hard solution method is ineffective, and tossing for 2 hours before and after did not succeed.

Then back to the origin, step by step analysis, to see where is wrong, and finally found the problem, finally cracked! If you just have such a Huawei box and the model is exactly EC6108V9A or EC6108V8U, then you can refer to my cracking method to enable the box to achieve on-demand functionality.

1, to prepare a dual male USB cable (that is, the type of cable is the kind of line 2 USB port, generally used for mobile hard disk).
2, prepare a U disk and a network cable, a XP or WIN7 system PC.
3, download the crack file (), the compressed package file unzip on the U disk root directory (open U disk you can see,,, root directory).

After preparing the above things, we started to crack this path of no return. First of all, let's look at Huawei's EC6108V9A box product.

It has a total of 2 USB sockets and a TF card slot. Why is this? Will be mentioned later.

The back of the box.

The model at the bottom of the box. Must pay attention to the model, other models can not be successful I have not tried.

OK, we officially started. Start the box as usual, and then enter the "advanced settings" interface of "Settings". At this moment, you will be asked to enter an operation code. My box is China Unicom Edition. Enter 10010 here.

After entering advanced settings, select the lowermost equipment test. You will be prompted to enter an opcode again, enter 131022, the box will automatically restart, and then enter the color bar mode.

After seeing this picture, we can crack the box. If the crack is unsuccessful, the box will stay on this screen forever and cannot be used normally.

We plug the USB disk formatted as FAT32 into the USB port. The network cable is connected to the network cable slot of the computer. Of course, it can also be connected to the router. However, because the IP address must be set, it is relatively straightforward to connect the computer.

After connecting the box and the computer with a network cable, set the computer ip to, and then execute telnet on the computer (If your computer does not have telnet, download a putty. The download address is not available here. Putty choose telnet, fill in ip, point open on it). After entering, you will see the prompt "root@rk312x:/"
Execute one by one (one command per line, pay attention to the space), and the prompt "No such file or directory" can be ignored.

Mkdir -p /tmp/udisk
Mount -t vfat /dev/block/sda /tmp/udisk
Mount -t vfat /dev/block/sda1 /tmp/udisk
Mount -t vfat /dev/block/sda4 /tmp/udisk

The mistake is here. I just tossed it here for a long time, and finally got to the point where I found the problem. One is that there is a problem with the command line itself, and online tutorials either don't write blocks or they don't write all sda(n), so they can lead to unsuccessful cracks. Because you do not know which socket you will insert the U disk into, so you may wish to do all three sda, there will always be one is correct.

After the success, the box will restart automatically. After restarting, you can see that the sofa table has been installed successfully.

Using the sofa's desktop, you can freely install the applications you want. At the same time, the live broadcast of IPTV is not affected, and you can open it in the sofa's desktop.

Take a look at the live broadcast, it is fast and there is no stalling.

With VST, Tatelite and other converged video applications, on-demand can be perfectly implemented.

Let's talk about how to break the EC6108V8U box. If you have this type of box in your hand, then you are blessed. The cracking method of this box is very simple. Just insert the U disk into the USB port of the box, and then press the previous operation to enter the equipment test mode, and then you do not need to do anything. Wait a few minutes before unplugging the power of the box, and then restarting the system. After powering on, press the power button on the remote control to enter the RECOVERY mode. Congratulations, success. Select the lowest option to restart, the box is cracked successfully.

You may ask me, in addition to love tossing, breaking the box has practical significance? Of course there is. If you install the operator's box product, then in order to improve the viewing effect of IPTV, the operator will use the second LAN port of Optical Cat to multicast. This LAN port is a commonly used port such as 80, so it can not be normal. Looking at web pages on the Internet, but operators will not limit the speed of this port, I have tested, upload and download rates are around 100M, and generally 50M optical broadband standard download speed is only 5M. Because of the limitation of speed, the effect of watching multicast is much higher than that of unicast. The most important thing is that even if you watch Blu-ray video, it will not affect the normal Internet speed because of the light you use on the Internet. Cat LAN1 mouth, is exactly two lines physically separated - perfect.

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