HIS Radeon HD 7950 lands on the domestic market for the first time

HIS Radeon HD 7950 lands on the domestic market for the first time AMD's core partners among the pure A-card AIB manufacturers are now only a handful, the world's only HIS, Dylan (Xinxun), Sapphire three, of which the latter two are already familiar to domestic players, HIS although from Radeon HD 6800 generation Claiming to enter the domestic market, but subject to issues such as channels, has not caused much wavering.

Nowadays, Radeon HD 7950 is officially released, HIS has released a "HIS 7950 Fan 3GB GDDR5" at home for the first time. The card uses a completely public version of the program, although not much of its own characteristics, but the quality will have enough guarantees.

HIS 7950 Fan 3GB GDDR5 has 1792 GCN architecture stream processors, with 384-bit 3GB GDDR5 memory, core, memory frequency are the public version of the standard 800MHz, 5000MHz, output interface DVI, HDMI, miniDP × 2, single-fan cooling The overall size of 278×126×46 mm occupies two slots.

There aren't many adapters for the accessories, only an ordinary DVI-VGA, but a "Weight Lifter" is included to support the graphics card in the chassis, avoiding excessive stress on the motherboard, causing deformation, Poor contact and other issues are similar to those of Dylan PowerJack.

HIS has been researching and producing graphics cards since 1987. It has been very active in foreign markets and has received numerous awards. It is also well-known on foreign media websites. In particular, the ICEQ series of heat dissipation is unforgettable. It is hoped that HIS will also be able to Bring excellent design, manufacturing process and good reputation to the domestic market.

HIS 7950 Fan 3GB GDDR5 will be available soon, with a domestic price of 3699 yuan.

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