Guangdong Jiangmen is committed to building “China Optics Valley” to build LED industry base

Under the background of the gradual warming of the global economy, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, which is known as the “first overseas Chinese hometown”, is vigorously developing the LED industry, and strives to achieve the industrial scale of 50 billion yuan by 2015, and become an important LED industry in China. Base, to create "China Optical Valley".

The LED industry started early in Jiangmen and has a good industrial base. Hong Kong Zhenmingli Group, the world's largest lighting group, is located in Heshan City under the city. Zhenmingli Group invested in Jiangmen in 1990 and started research and development of LED projects in 2003. At present, Zhenmingli Group is the only company in the world that realizes the vertical integration of LED lighting industry chain. LED chip production technology is in a leading position in China, with an output value of 2.1 billion yuan last year.

In 2008, the Guangdong Provincial Information Industry Department and Jiangmen City signed a framework agreement to accelerate the development of the information industry, and carried out comprehensive cooperation in the electronic information industry, modern information service industry, e-government, information application and other aspects, and awarded Jiangmen City "Guangdong Province" (Jiangmen) Green (semiconductor) light source industry base" plaque.

In 2009, according to the "Planning and Development Plan of the Pearl River Delta Region", Jiangmen City carried out the planning and layout of the leap-forward development of the LED industry in a timely manner, and issued the "Interim Preferential Measures for the Development of LED Industry in the Promotion of High-tech Industrial Development Zones in Jiangmen City" for the entire industry. The chain is given a discount.

According to Jiangmen officials, the "Measures" is currently the most favorable LED industry support policy in China, attracting a lot of attention from well-known LED industry at home and abroad. Since the beginning of this year, 41 LED projects have been identified or are intended to be invested in Jiangmen, with a total value of about 28 billion yuan.

It is understood that there are currently more than 100 LED production and application enterprises in Jiangmen City, and more than 1,000 related enterprises. The average annual growth rate of output value in the past three years is over 30%. Last year, the output value of green (semiconductor) light sources in the city was over 10 billion yuan. One-sixth of Guangdong Province.

Zhu Xiaodan, deputy governor of Guangdong Province, said in a recent research activity that Jiangmen is very optimistic about the development of LED industry, creating a green light source base for Jiangmen City, and was approved to build a provincial-level semiconductor light source supervision and monitoring station and a national-level semiconductor optoelectronic product testing key experiment. The room is fully affirmed.

It is reported that Jiangmen City has put the development of green semiconductor industry planning on the agenda. It plans to invest RMB 2 billion in five to six years to build the LED industry into a leading industry in local economic development, and strive to achieve 50 billion by 2015. The scale of the industry has become an important R&D, testing and production base for the LED industry in China.

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