DALI technology solution based on NEC 78K0/IX2

1. Introduction to DALI DALI is an abbreviation for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. DALI provides communication rules for lighting components as part of the IEC 60929 standard.

DALI was first introduced in the mid-1990s, and commercial applications began in 1998. At present, DALI in Europe has been adopted as a standard by large ballast manufacturers. The lighting control bus closure protocol is Clipsal Bus and Dynet, and the open protocol is DALI, DMX512, X-10 and HBS. Due to the openness of the protocol, DALI and DMX512 are widely used in China.

The following table is a basic comparison of DALI and DMX512:

Structure diagram of DALI system

Up to now, the DALI control bus can be seamlessly connected with the EIB and LON of the intelligent building control system and the standard bus such as the stadium and the factory site. It is a lighting control technology that is mature in technology and widely used in the industry. DALI is now in large-scale commercial application, and the recently revised DALI protocol, the data exchange of the protocol has been further improved, and DALI technology will be greatly developed.

Second, DALI problems in practical applications

Although DALI is an open protocol, controlling the protocol is equivalent to controlling the market. At present, DALI's host and control software have been integrated with intelligent buildings and fieldbus control systems, and are firmly in the hands of several major European manufacturers, DALI. Terminal equipment is also dominated by these vendors, which are expensive and have large profit margins.

In response to the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, new countries have introduced new electrical access standards. These standards also promote the development of dimming fixtures and DALI accessory products. Throughout the world, there are only a few MCUs that support hardware DALI at the chip level, and there are some shortcomings in application. In response to such market demand, NEC Electronics has launched the 78K0/IX2 lighting inverter series 8-bit MCU with built-in DALI function.

Third, NEC Electronics launched new MCU products for the DALI market

The control requirements of the lighting control are not too high. The 10-bit A/D is also sufficient, but the PWM requires high precision and fast speed. It is better to implement hardware parameter control and protection functions to simplify the CPU algorithm. Of course, more Communication interface. NEC Electronics' 78K0/IX2 lighting variable frequency series 8-bit MCU meets these practical requirements.

The main features of this series of MCUs are:

1. Single chip completes DALI communication, PFC, frequency conversion and other functions, suitable for high power dimming applications;

2. Built-in 4-way high-speed 16bit Timer with abnormal detection function;

3. Built-in high-precision, PLL-equipped clock for communication and dimming applications;

4. With op amp, multi-channel 10-bit A/D, comparator, greatly simplifying peripheral circuits;

5. It is convenient to connect communication interfaces such as infrared, RF and DMX512 to realize various control modes;

6 kinds of safety functions for high reliability applications;

7 low power consumption, suitable for green applications.

The lighting scheme with PFC and DALI consisting of IX2 series MCU is compared with other schemes as follows:

According to the above comparison, the lighting scheme of the IX2 series MCU is cost-effective, and the simple external components can realize the DALI slave function, especially suitable for the lighting Power Supply, dimming fixture, scene lighting control, high-power discharge lamp town of DALI interface. Applications such as flow devices.

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