China's direct conversion technology patented

The experts appraisal jointly chaired by the China Federation of Machinery Industry and the China Electrotechnical Society believes that the series of high-voltage and large-capacity AC direct-drives developed by Beijing Times Jinneng Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has a novel working principle and circuit structure that is the first in the world. Technology has obtained invention patents from China and the United States and has passed the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) international patent examination.

It solves many shortcomings of current conventional high-voltage frequency converters and is a major breakthrough in the field of general-purpose high-voltage frequency converters. The product is fully functional, advanced technology, high reliability, low installation and maintenance costs, can be applied in many areas.

Beijing Time Jinneng Electric Technology Co., Ltd. Manager Wang Jing said that at present, the prototype of the new high-voltage high-capacity AC direct drive has passed the inspection of the National Electronically Controlled Distribution Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The results show that the product meets the requirements of high-voltage and large-capacity frequency conversion. General technical conditions and national standards requirements, can be widely used in thermal power generation, urban water supply, oil extraction mining, chemical, metallurgy, cement, paper, pharmaceutical, coal mines and other fields, through the various types of high-voltage motor-driven fan, water pump, air compression Machines and other medium and high voltage load equipment frequency control, to achieve maximum energy savings.

It is reported that the motor occupies more than half of the total power consumption, and the Ac Motor with more than 3,000 volts uses 70% of the total motor power. China's private enterprise's world-first exchange direct conversion technology is applied to high-voltage motors, and its optimal operation will achieve maximum energy savings of 30%-60%, which will inevitably bring about a revolution in the field of high-voltage frequency conversion technology, leading the development direction of the global frequency conversion field. . According to an analysis by industry experts, theoretically, "If all of China's electric motors were equipped with AC direct drives, the equivalent of 30 Three Gorges power generation could be saved each year."

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