Anpu Optoelectronics plans to invest 80 million expansion LED display packaging capacity

Recently, Shenzhen Anpu Optoelectronics executives revealed to Gaogong LED reporter that Amp Optoelectronics will increase its investment in 80 million expansion of LED display packaging capacity in 2012. It is expected that indoor SMD production capacity will reach 170 KK/month in March and outdoor direct insertion 170KK/month. .

Shenzhen Anpu Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in early 2009. It has more than 70 sets of ASM welding equipment and nearly 400 employees. The company's current outdoor LAMP capacity is 150 KK per month; SMD has a monthly capacity of 120 KK.

Amp Optoelectronics' revenue for the full year of 2011 was nearly 250 million. Xiao Wenyu, the general manager of the company, said in an interview with Gaogong LED reporter in 2011 that the company's performance has maintained a growth rate of more than 50% every year. It is estimated that the revenue in 2012 will reach more than 400 million.

Anpu Optoelectronics said that it always insists on winning customers with cost-effective products. In 2012, it will strive to rank in the forefront of the industry in terms of production capacity and influence in the display packaging field.

Amp Optoelectronics will adhere to component products in the field of display screens at present and in the future. Xiao Wenyu revealed that the company will invest a lot of money in the field of lighting applications in the future, and will do some subdivided markets in the application field.

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