Analysis on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Lighting Enterprises Implementing Multi-brand Strategy

Because of the influence of the brand, the company can take the wind and the waves and forge ahead. Therefore, in the lighting market, the brand is another round of new competition, which is a sharp edge to control the market and resist market risks. What really makes the industry people see the importance of brand strategy is the 2008 global financial crisis. The economic downturn has caused some companies that do not pay attention to brand building to be caught off guard when the crisis comes, and those who focus on brand building and develop good brand building. The company can cope with the crisis in the face of the crisis. Not long ago, when the author talked with Tang Haojun, general manager of Mingmen Jiangmen Branch, about the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on Mingda, Tang Haojun said that the economic crisis has no obvious impact on Mingda. The brand has produced a fixed brand image influence in the minds of consumers. Therefore, to enhance the anti-risk ability of the lighting industry in the face of the crisis, we must work hard to develop the brand, and we must embark on a road of development of distinctive lighting brands.

In 2010, the development of the lighting industry will be further improved. This will mean that the competition in the lighting industry will become more and more fierce. The manufacturers will try their best to increase their market share. The author passes the lighting. The market visit learned that today's multi-brand strategy in the lighting industry is popular, and often there are several brands in a company, and the market sales are everywhere. Now in the lighting industry, multi-brand strategy seems to have become a fashion trend. Some famous companies such as Huayi Group and Qilang Lighting have several brands. Raymond Lighting also launched the fashion brand "Swatch" last year, and it has done a good job in electric engineering. Therefore, since the importance of brand building to enterprises is quite obvious, is it the better the brand of a company? The pros and cons of the multi-brand strategy of the company?

From the current status of the development of lighting brands, the number of lighting brands that are currently well known to consumers is very small, and the brand building of the lighting industry is still in a lagging state. How to develop “well-known brands in the industry” into “popular well-known brands”, how to develop our “big but not strong brands” into “famous brands of lamps”, how to develop “multi-brands” into “fine brands”, these are all It is a problem facing China's lighting companies, and it is also an urgent problem we need to solve.

The implementation of multi-brand strategy, many companies implement this, in the multi-brand operation process, the sales and market between multiple brands are completely separate, but its R & D and organization management is resource sharing, which is undoubtedly optimized Resources enable enterprise resources to be fully utilized. Use differently positioned products to compete for a larger market and subdivide the cakes in the lighting industry, thus increasing the market share. It not only expands the influence of the company in the industry, but also maximizes the benefits for the enterprise. However, is there any drawback to multi-brand strategy? Everything has its two sides. Although multiple brands of a company can effectively occupy market share, it is often the same enterprise because many brands are difficult to remember. The brand is mistaken for another company's business name, and these are all there. Coupled with the serious counterfeiting and cottages in the current market, and the weak awareness of corporate rights protection, multi-brand strategy will bring greater counterfeiting and imitation risks to enterprises, and at the same time put forward higher requirements for the intellectual property protection of lighting companies. How to develop the road of Chinese lighting brand in the end, how to develop the multi-brand strategy of the lighting enterprise, all of which require us to cross the river by feeling the stones, constantly explore and steadily move forward in the exploration. Brand benefits are a fact that witnessed the development of various industries over the years!

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