2012 Three Network Integration Four Aspects

On the last day of 2011, the second batch of trials for triple play was announced, so that people celebrating the New Year holiday were caught off guard, and it did not cause too fierce debate. As many as 42 pilot cities in the second batch of triple play, up to now, 4 municipalities, provincial capital cities, most cities in Jiangsu Province and Hubei Province, and other cities have become pilot cities for triple play.

In June 2010, the first phase of the Tri-Network Integration trial delineated 12 cities and regions. By the end of the first phase of the trial period set in September 2011, the first phase of the trial results in nearly two years was rampant. The author once wrote “Three The goal of the first phase of the trial of network integration has already been frustrated, and the near-abortion of triple play is already the consensus of the industry in addition to the competent authorities. However, under such circumstances, the State Council has issued the second batch of trials for triple play, and has expanded the pilot cities for triple play. In addition to continuing the policy of triple play on the face, it will not be ridiculed by the industry and will be based on what substantive considerations? Will there be a substantial impact on triple play in 2012?

According to the Tri-Network Convergence Pilot Program Regulation, the second phase of the Tri-Network Convergence pilot will be from September 2011 to the end of 2012. This year will be the second phase of the Tri-Network Convergence pilot year. From the perspective of governments at various levels, besides harvesting multiple air-to-air triple play conferences, multiple levels of triple play documents and leading groups, it is difficult to have substantial initiatives to substantively promote triple play. In the absence of loosening of institutional and industry interests, triple play will not achieve rapid development. This is certain. However, the three-network integration administrative promotion, technology promotion, market promotion will still make certain progress in the triple play. The author believes that the triple play in 2012 has the following aspects:

The first aspect of the triple play in 2012 will be the official launch of the China Cable TV Network China Radio and Television Network Company under the administrative promotion. The nationwide wired network is the long-cherished wish of Radio and Television for more than 10 years, but it cannot be accomplished by its own power. With the introduction of three-network integration policy, the national cable must be established by the end of 2012, and the fourth network operator in the country is about to be born. How this new giant will integrate the nationwide network and what kind of basic network business will become the main focus. Well done may be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the three major telecom operators. If it is not doing well, it may be bleak and it will be unable to control the cable network. Going forward, it will be a weak giant with empty shells. Whether the cable network can seize this golden opportunity for development makes people worry. Once missed, the future may never again become a national network operator's chance, and it will never be possible to commensurate with telecom operators.

The second point of view will be the explosion of IPTV driven by the market. The second batch of trials of the triple play integration will consist of a total of 42 cities, which means that the 42 cities will have legal IPTV and will not be blocked by radio and television. As for telecom operators and BesTV's IPTV platform docking or CNTV's IPTV platform docking, this is a matter within the radio and television, the two IPTV platform will be achieved in 2012 merger. The IPTV services of the 54 triple-play pilot cities in the country will fully blossom, and even some IPTV in non-tri-network integration pilot cities will make progress. CCID Consulting estimates that IPTV users will reach 20 million by the end of 2012, and the author believes that reaching 25 million is also very likely.

The third aspect will be the integration of TV stations and the Internet driven by the market. The main thing is that Internet TV will achieve a breakthrough. Radio and television regulatory authorities have kept telecommunications strictly outside of Internet TV, but have opened up a gap for video websites. Relying on seven Internet TV broadcast control platforms of traditional large-scale broadcasting and TV broadcast institutions, it will use video sites to achieve zero breakthroughs in Internet TV operations. However, video websites are highly likely to capture the dominance of Internet TV development by the Yellow River. In 2012, Internet TV will achieve real business and user progress. In any case, cooperation between broadcasting and the Internet will be a major breakthrough in the convergence of the three networks, and it will be extremely beneficial to broadcasting and television, to the Internet, to TV users, and to the development of the industry.

The fourth aspect is that telecommunication operators' broadband speeds have entered the home. Trying to use the triple play policy to enter the TV media, however, whether it is IPTV or Internet TV, broadcast control rights all spent on radio and television, telecommunications operators to enter the TV media, to promote the three-network convergence of the power is also lingering. Firmly turning the Internet monopoly into its own arms, vigorously upgrading broadband and creating mobile Internet has become the most enthusiastic thing for telecom operators. However, at the end of 2011, it encountered the broadband rumbling investigation by the National Development and Reform Commission. In 2012, fiber-to-the-home and broadband acceleration will begin to spread to users' homes. This is the basic network for triple play, and may be the only basic network for future triple play.

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